RetroBat v3.1

We are happy to announce the release of the new stable version of RetroBat. There have been a lot of changes since the last stable release. We worked hard for a simpler installation and a more advanced integration of the emulator options in EmulationStation. Today RetroBat v3.10 is ready to take over.

RetroBat v3.1 Changelog:

Compared to the latest stable release (RetroBat v2.1) :

- 100+ supported consoles, handheld, arcade and computers systems.
- RetroBat use Batocera ES build for Windows instead of EmulationStation FCAMOD.
- A new setup GUI to download, install and configure EmulationStation, RetroArch and the standalone emulators.
- Bump to RetroArch 1.8.9 SDL 2.0.12, compatibility with RetroArch ANGLE.
- retrobat.exe: a new launcher for ES and a manager of the global settings (replace retro.bat scripts).
- emulatorLauncher.exe: an advanced emulators launcher allowing integration of their features and options into the EmulationStation menu: RetroArch, RetroArch Angle, AppleWin, Cemu, Cxbx-Reloaded, Daphne, Demul, Dolphin, Dolphin WX, DOSBox, Future Pinball, M2Emulator, Mednafen, mGBA, OpenBor, PCSX2, PPSSPP, RPCS3, SimCoupé, Solarus, Supermodel and Visual Pinball are concerned.
- Configure your controllers in EmulationStation and they will also be configured for all the emulators managed by emulatorLauncher. Close emulators easily with hotkeys.
- Change video modes, screen ratio, decorations, shaders and more directly from the ES menu. You can apply this globally, per systems or per games.






RetroBat v2.1

- RetroBat is now compatible with 64 bit AND 32 bit Windows x86 computers.
- Bump RetroArch to 1.8.4.
- Hotkeys are enabled in RetroArch configuration.
- Added compatibility with Kodi.
- Added compatibility with many standalone emulators: m2emulator (Model 2), cemu (Wii U), citra (3DS), Future Pinball, Mednafen (nes, snes, megadrive, pcengine, pcenginecd, playstation), mGBA (Game Boy Advance), Raine (Neo Geo CD), snes9x (Super NES) and Visual Pinball.
- Added launchers for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball to make them portable (by Fabrice Caruso).
- Added runcommand.exe module instead of batch scripts to launch emulators from RetroBat config menu in EmulationStation. Emulators command parameters can be modified in runcommand.ini. Runcommand.exe can read m3u files to launch Wii U and PS3 games.
- Added compatibility with Theodore libretro core (Thomson computers) and Kronos (Saturn).
- Added compatibility with Megadrive Steam Uncompressed ROMS with .68K extension.
- Some bugs fixes.

If you are on RetroBat in version 2.0, you can update Retrobat in version 2.1

How to proceed:

- Launch setup.bat and select the option "( 5 ) -- Update RetroBat"

You should have this message at the top of the window:
-local version: 2.0
-online version: 2.1

Select "( U ) -- Update RetroBat" and follow the instructions.

/!\ Remember to update your theme(s) by downloading them again (following the same instructions in the previous news of 12/22/2019.)






Small update, we forgot the ps3 directory in the /roms folder as well as some themes for the nextfull theme.

You should relaunch the retrobat scripts on setup.bat:

And you must download the Nextfull theme again



RetroBat v2.0

- Scripts were rewritten from scratch for more efficiency.
- RetroBat Setup detect if EmulationStation, RetroArch, Libretro Cores and 7-Zip are installed and install
them automatically if needed.
- RetroBat Launcher detect if setup directory has changed and run RetroBat Setup to fix it.
- Install and update software separately.
- Install and update themes for EmulationStation.
- RetroBat Scripts can be updated in RetroBat Setup.
- Debug options.

- Launch video as introduction before EmulationStation. Use emulationstation.exe --video (vlc)
instead of ffmpeg core.
- Read settings from emulationstation.cfg to set ES resolution fullscreen or windowed.
- Enable JoyToKey in emulationstation.cfg.
- Enable video intro in emulationstation.cfg.

- Add launcher for OpenBOR and RPCS3 (thank to Fabrice Caruso).
- Add in ES systems list: OpenBOR, MUGEN, PS3, Apple II, Famicom Disk System and SG-1000.
- Fixed some issues and bugs.

Merry Christmas :)


RetroBat v1.20.2

- setup.bat updated:
fired a bug that close the program, instead of to go back to the menu.
Update communication protocol used by powershell, from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2, to download softwares.

- system list updated:
Add missing Saturn extensions (.cue .toc .m3u .ccd .chd)
Add missing Dreamcast extensions (.m3u)
Better sorting of systems list in EmularionStation

- EmulationStation:
EmulationStation update directly into the menu:




RetroBat v1.20.1

Some hot fixes :
- Zip extension support for Atomiswave and Naomi systems, to launch MAME romset with Flycast core. ( bios needed)
Setup.bat (RetroBat) : Automatic installation method added.




RetroBat v1.20

Enhanced compatibility with EmulationStation FCAMOD v2.10:

- Multi-language interface (english, french, spanish and brazilian portuguese).
- Manage emulators and Libretro Cores within ES.
- More advanced theming available, grid with video preview.
- ES show picture while loading screen if you've scrapped metadata for your rom.
- You can tell ES to play music in background (.mp3 and .ogg files in \emulationstation\.emulationstation\music )
- Scraping video updated.

RetroBat features:
- Virtual Boy and SupergrafX added.
- Video in intro screen with ffmpeg core (/medias)
- Setup.bat script to easily download and configure ES and emulators with exclusive templates
- Retro.bat launcher script for EmulationStation updated.
- Only one version of retrobat.
- "games" folder is now "roms" folder.
- You can choose between stable or nightly build of RetroArch.



RetroBat v1.11
- Added BSNES HD Libretro as default core for Super NES. Play mode 7 in HD !
- Added CAVE and Neo Geo CD support.
- Run RetroBat Setup within EmulationStation.
- Use Libretro Cores for Dreamcast, PSP, GameCube, Wii and DOS games instead of standalone emulators by adding "-lr" to the name of their roms folder.
- Setup.bat bug fix.
- Fix some bad correspondence between names.

- Ability to play an introductory video when starting EmulationStation




RetroBat's 1.0 Beta Launch !!

Copyright (c) RetroBat Team CC BY-NC-SA 4.0