RetroBat v1.20.2

- setup.bat updated:
fired a bug that close the program, instead of to go back to the menu.
Update communication protocol used by powershell, from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2, to download softwares.

- system list updated:
Add missing Saturn extensions (.cue .toc .m3u .ccd .chd)
Add missing Dreamcast extensions (.m3u)
Better sorting of systems list in EmularionStation

- EmulationStation:
EmulationStation update directly into the menu:




RetroBat v1.20.1

Some hot fixes :
- Zip extension support for Atomiswave and Naomi systems, to launch MAME romset with Flycast core. ( bios needed)
Setup.bat (RetroBat) : Automatic installation method added.




RetroBat v1.20

Enhanced compatibility with EmulationStation FCAMOD v2.10:

- Multi-language interface (english, french, spanish and brazilian portuguese).
- Manage emulators and Libretro Cores within ES.
- More advanced theming available, grid with video preview.
- ES show picture while loading screen if you've scrapped metadata for your rom.
- You can tell ES to play music in background (.mp3 and .ogg files in \emulationstation\.emulationstation\music )
- Scraping video updated.

RetroBat features:
- Virtual Boy and SupergrafX added.
- Video in intro screen with ffmpeg core (/medias)
- Setup.bat script to easily download and configure ES and emulators with exclusive templates
- Retro.bat launcher script for EmulationStation updated.
- Only one version of retrobat.
- "games" folder is now "roms" folder.
- You can choose between stable or nightly build of RetroArch.



RetroBat v1.11
- Added BSNES HD Libretro as default core for Super NES. Play mode 7 in HD !
- Added CAVE and Neo Geo CD support.
- Run RetroBat Setup within EmulationStation.
- Use Libretro Cores for Dreamcast, PSP, GameCube, Wii and DOS games instead of standalone emulators by adding "-lr" to the name of their roms folder.
- Setup.bat bug fix.
- Fix some bad correspondence between names.

- Ability to play an introductory video when starting EmulationStation




RetroBat's 1.0 Beta Launch !!

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